Our Vision

Justice accessible to all.

Our Mission

We inspire and support innovative programs and initiatives promoting accessible justice.

Legislative Mandate

We grant funds for the purposes of legal education, legal research, legal aid, law libraries and law reform in accordance with our governing legislation.

Our Core Values

The Law Foundation of Saskatchewan has chosen the following core values that will guide how we fulfill our legislative mandate.


We manage, invest, and distribute monies entrusted to the Law Foundation prudently and responsibly.


We seek and encourage partnerships and co-operative actions with and among grantees, stakeholders and others in achieving our mission. We encourage collaboration with and among those who work together to promote the achievement of our vision and mission. We support networks for sharing ideas to create and advance this purpose.


We are open to and seek new ways to fulfill the mission of inspiring and supporting innovative programs and initiatives promoting accessible justice within our mandate.

Positive impact:

We seek evidence that our investments in projects and organizations improve the lives of those who are seeking justice.


We hold ourselves and grantees accountable by regular evaluation and assessment of performance as measured against our vision, mission and values.


Strategic Priorities

1. Manage Our Resources Prudently

In a dynamic funding environment, we will increase our focus on adhering to an ethic of responsible planning and management of our resources. We will maintain and follow an appropriate investment and reserve policy. We will exercise due diligence in managing our resources and in our granting processes.

2. Improve Our Granting Processes

We will improve our knowledge of the grantee organizations we fund. We will work with grantees to evaluate how their work facilitates access to justice for our citizens in an effective manner. We will use our evaluation processes to determine our grant allocations and to ensure we fund initiatives that are in line with our vision, mission and values.

3. Increase Our Involvement in Access to Justice Initiatives

We will increase the knowledge of our Foundation and its work within the legal profession. We will seek to more clearly understand how non profit agencies provide access to justice services and increase our visibility within that community. We will seek to inspire new and innovative approaches to access to justice working with our grantee organizations and institutions that promote access to justice.



Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Our Strategic Plan 2016-2020

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