The Foundation is governed by board members who manage, invest and distribute monies entrusted to the Foundation prudently and responsibly.

Board appointments are made by the Law Society of Saskatchewan (5) and the Minister of Justice (4).

Board appointments are for three year terms with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Current Board of Directors

The board governs the Foundation through quarterly meetings and through regular meetings of the Audit & Investment Committee.

Appointed by the Law Society of Saskatchewan


David Chow, K.C.


David Chow, K.C.

Ex-Officio Member — Audit &
Investment Committee


Lee Anne Schienbein




Lee Anne Schienbein, B.A. (Hons.), LL.B.






Tom Schonhoffer, Q.C. (Chair)


Tom Schonhoffer, K.C.

Member — Audit
& Investment Committee




Irene Seiferling



Irene Seiferling, B.A., ICD.D, FEA




Sean Sinclair




Sean Sinclair, LL.B.








Appointed by the Minister of Justice

Tim Bergsma, B. Comm




Tim Bergsma, CPA

Chair — Audit & Investment Committee


Trevor Forrest, B. Comm




Trevor Forrest, B. Comm

Member — Audit
& Investment Committee


Shannon Williams



Linda Zarzeczny, K.C.




Paul S. Jaspar, SVM, FCPA, FCA




Paul S. Jaspar, SVM, FCPA, FCA

Member — Audit
& Investment Committee



Robert Watt



Bob Watt, FCPA, FCA
Executive Director


Past Board Members

NOTE: Highlighted individuals served as Chair of the Foundation.

R. Baker, Q.C. 2002-2007
D. Ball, Q.C. 1985-1993
M. Baldwin, Q.C. 2015-2020
B. Barrington-Foote, Q.C. 1987-1992
M. Belsher, Q.C., FCPA, FCA, LLD. (Hon) 2013-2022
B. Bilson, Q.C. 1998-2002
W. Bolstad 1973
R. Carter, Q.C. 1973-1974
B. Cotter, Q.C. 1992-97, 2004-2008
R. Crook 2002-2008
H. Dahlem, Q.C. 1974-2002
K. Ford, Q.C. 2011-2017
M. de Rosenroll 1984-1987
K. Fenwick, Q.C. 2013-2017
G. Gardner, Q.C. 2017-2021
R. Gibbings, Q.C. 2009-2016
G. Hill, Q.C. 1978-1985
D. Ish, Q.C. 1982-88, 2002-2004
H. Ketcheson, Q.C. 1975-1984
C. Knox, LL.B. 2007-2012
L. Krogan-Stevely, LL.B. 2010-2012
E. Libby, Q.C. 2013-2018
K. Lysyk 1973-1975
P. MacKinnon, Q.C. 1988-1998
F. MacBean, Q.C. 1991-2000
D. MacPherson, Q.C. 1973-1989
J. McIntosh, Q.C 2008-2014
D. McKercher, Q.C. 1981-1991
D. Moen, Q.C. 2008-2010
E. Noble, Q.C. 1973-1978
A. Phillips, Q.C. 1993-2001
K. Prisciak, Q.C. 2003-2008
P. Quaroni, Q.C. 2008-2014
K. Roach 1998
D. Schmeiser, Q.C. 1974-1978
I. Seiferling, BA, ICD.D, FEA 2011-2019
J. Stamatinos, Q.C. 2000-2007
D. Taylor, LL.B. 2015-2017
G. Tegart, Q.C. 2010-2013
E. Van Olst, Q.C. 2015-2020
B. Watt, FCPA, FCA 2010-2014
B. Walper-Bossence, Q.C. 2017-2020
J. Whyte, Q.C. 1997-2002
G. Wicijowski, LL.D., FCPA, FCA 1973-2010
A. Wiebe, Q.C. 1995-2012
S. Williams, K.C. 2021-2022
D. Woloshyn, Q.C. 1989-1995
D. Wooff 1973-1974
D. Wright, Q.C. 1973-1981


Executive Director and Secretary
R. Arscott, FCPA, FCA 1973-2013